Healthy Eating on the Run - A Month of Tips

Do you ever feel like you are so busy that you do not know how to maintain a healthy meal plan as a part of your lifestyle? If so, then you may benefit from the following information about "Healthy Eating on the Run - A Month of Tips."

You probably eat out a lot—most Americans do. People are looking for fast, easy and good-tasting foods to fit a busy lifestyle. Whether it’s carry-out, food court, office cafeteria or sit-down restaurant, there are smart choices everywhere. Here are 30 tips to help you eat healthy when eating out.

If you have further questions about incorporating a healthy diet into your lifestyle and would like assistance with meal management to address weight control or other medical conditions, please have your physician refer you to a Registered Dietitian for an outpatient appointment. These tips have been provided courtesy of the Registered Dietitian Team, Nutrition & Food Services Department.


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