Register for Mind-Body Skills Sessions

Sign up now for the fall sessions that will be held Mondays for the general public and Wednesdays for health care professionals. The classes are 2 and 1/2 hours long once a week for 10 weeks and lead by Vera Moura, MD.

The mind-body skills group program is an educational program designed to help people embrace a unique approach to health and wellness and adopt new attitudes about health and healing. In this program, group participants have the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of mind-body techniques:       

  • Meditation
  • Guided Imagery
  • Breath Work
  • Movement
  • Journal Writing
  • Drawing
  • Autogenic Training (self-hypnosis)
  • Biofeedback (using the body's natural abilities to relax)

There is growing evidence of the immense healing potential of this program for diverse populations. These include healthy people who want to enhance self awareness and well being as well as those with clinical conditions, such as cancer, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and severe stress, particularly when used in combination with conventional health-care services. Click here for more information.