September is gynecologic cancer month

Take a look at the following events the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology has lined up for September to raise gynecologic cancer awareness.

  • Sept. 3

Wear TEAL day! The first Friday in September is national Wear Teal Day!  Please support the fight against gynecological cancer by sportin’ your teal duds that day!

  • Sept. 7 - 21

In the lobbies of the NC Women's and NC Cancer Hospitals art work selected by Drs. Ian Buchanan and Linda Van Le will be displayed.

  • Sept. 8
    6:30 p.m. 

Dr. Wesley  Fowler will be at the UNC Wellness center.  With the cancer education that is readily available today, one can become quickly overwhelmed with it all.  What are the symptoms of cervical cancer?  Who is at risk for ovarian cancer? Dr. Fowler will provide a simple and concise rundown of all gynecological cancers.

  • Sept. 15
    3 to 5 p.m.

Ovarian Cancer Gratitude Concert in NC Children's Lobby.  This concert, presented by composers, music teachers and music students from the Carrboro/Chapel Hill/Durham area, is an event to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.  To learn more about the musicians, click here.

  • Sept. 25

Cocktails for Cancer: Cocktails for Cancer, an annual fundraising event, was established in 2007 to increase awareness among the public at large about female cancers. We are an organization comprised of people who have family members that have that have won and lost the battle against cancer. Through education, promotion and fundraising we strive to support the research needed to find a cure.

Also consider checking out a special gyn cancer awareness page created in honor of gynecologic cancer month.