2010 Whitehead Student Award Winners

Medical students vote for their classmates for a variety of awards honoring academic excellence, compassion, and commitment to ideals.

Student Awards

The Brett J. Pearce and Lauren K. Brown Memorial Award
Brett and Lauren were treasured classmates who through their strength of character and courage in the face of illness have inspired those who had the privilege of knowing them to be better people and better doctors.  In their memory, this award was created by the Class of 2004 to honor a senior medical student who shares their qualities of generosity and compassion for those in need, dedication to service, and unwavering commitment to high ideals.  This senior, nominated and chosen by classmates, has made a significant contribution to the education and personal growth of his or her peers.

Sally Wood

Heusner Pupil Award
Rising fourth-year medical students are nominated by classmates for this award, established in 1964 by friends of Dr. A. Price Heusner.  Recipients show a great capacity to grasp the principles of science, to heal the sick, to comfort the troubled, and to be humble before God.

Tolulope Adebanjo
Jim Bedford   
Stanley Hassinger
Nathan Montgomery
Monica Stanton
Tiffany Chin
Anna Berry

The Frank Lee Dameron Award

The Class of 1975 established the Dameron Award in memory of their classmate to recognize his achievements as a medical student and his commitment to return to his hometown in a medically underserved area of the state to practice medicine. The recipients are committed to practicing primary care in an underserved area of North Carolina.

Amanda Eckenrode

The James A. Bryan Ⅱ Award
This award is a tribute to Dr. James Bryan II, who during more than three decades of service to the UNC School of Medicine, has taught, mentored, and befriended countless students and instilled in them an unwavering commitment to compassionate patient care.  Created by the Class of 1999, the award honors a graduating UNC medical student who embodies the spirit of Dr. Bryan by improving the medical school community and bettering the educational experience of fellow medical students.

Allison Serra

The William deB. MacNider Award

This award was established in 1950 by the sophomore class and promotes public commendation of sophomore medical students who possess various intangible traits of good character as shown by Dr. Billy MacNider.

Ben Aiken   
Anem Waheed

Academic Merit Awards

The Edwards-Hobgood Distinguished Scholarship

The Edwards-Hobgood Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes an entering medical student for both academic excellence and ability to become a distinguished physician.

Marshall (Alex) Ahearn

The Louis and Betsy West Medical Scholarship

The Louis and Betsy West Medical Scholarship is awarded annually to two first year students who are North Carolina residents with plans to practice family medicine in a rural area.

Katherine Jordan
Amy Nayo

The Lucius Blanchard Carolina Family Loyalty Fund Scholarships
The Lucius Blanchard Carolina Family Loyalty Fund Scholarships are awarded annually to four first year medical students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, strong curiosity, leadership qualities, commitment to service and, in some cases, financial need.

Graham (Barden) Berry
Sarah Paraghamian
Eli Tiller
Rachel Weiner

Departmental Awards

Dr. William Hersey Davis Scholarship
In remembrance of a remarkable physician, daughter and son-in-law, Pamela and George Leight, M.D. have established the Dr. William Hersey Davis Jr. Scholarship in the School of Medicine to honor 50 years of teaching, research, and practice in North Carolina.  This scholarship will provide tuition and fees for a fourth-year medical student planning to specialize in pediatrics who exhibits the qualities of compassion, high moral standards, and ethical values.

Michael Brown

Social Medicine Paper Prize, Department of Social Medicine
The Social Medicine Paper Prize recognizes a scholarly paper, essay, artistic work, or fiction by a student in one of the Social Medicine classes.  The work encompasses critical thinking, humanistic perspectives, and social insights related to health, illness, and treatment.

Rachel Hines

The McLendon-Thomas Award in the History of Medicine
This award was established to honor Dr. William W. McLendon, co-founder in 1954, of the Bullitt History of Medicine Club and Dr. Colin G. Thomas Jr., faculty  advisor of the Bullitt History of Medicine Club.  The award encourages interest and recognizes scholarship in the history of medicine and is given annually to the best unpublished essay on a historical topic in the Health Sciences.

Chailee Mann-Stadt


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