Gilliland, others honored at 2010 Whitehead lecture

Dr. Kurt Gilliland, Assistant Professor in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, delivered the 2010 Whitehead Lecture on Aug. 18.

Dr. Gilliland is known for his innovative teaching skills, his dedication to medical students, his remarkable ability to learn the names of all medical students before his first-year course begins, and his knack for remembering their names throughout their four years of school.

The annual lecture honors Dr. Richard Whitehead, who served as dean of the School of Medicine from 1890 to 1905. Being selected as the Whitehead lecturer has a special significance because the lecturer is selected by the medical school student body each year based on qualities of leadership, dedication, and devotion to medicine and teaching.

Dr. Gilliland’s lecture, “Millennial Medicine: From Manteo to Murphy,” both welcomed first-year medical students and introduced them to School of Medicine faculty and students by showing their birthplaces across North Carolina and other statistics.  In addition, Dr. Gilliland provided an inspiring glimpse of the academic year to come—an exciting preview of new technology and a tribute to teamwork.  His lecture emphasized an appreciation for fellow faculty members and students as well as the excitement of new learning opportunities—a perfect way to begin a new year.
Following Dr. Gilliland’s lecture, student leaders announced the winners of the several faculty awards, course awards, and  student awards.

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