New Oncology Consult Service

The Division of Hematology and Oncology began a new service on July 1, 2010 because, as we hoped, the new N.C. Cancer Hospital facilities and our growing reputation for excellence in cancer care is attracting more patients.

This service is collaboratively staffed by an interdisciplinary care team consisting of an attending physician and fellow from the division, nursing, pharmacy, the hospitalist service, and representatives from many supportive care programs. The purpose of the service is to accommodate patients with cancer who need the services of a hematologist or oncologist but are not being admitted to the MED E service which is constrained by caps on resident workloads and work hours. It is also constructed to permit management of more than 50 patients per day, which is the bed capacity of the Cancer Hospital.

The service is called the Oncology Consult Service. The attending Division of Hematology and Oncology physician and fellow on this service provide daily oncology consultation throughout the hospital, including weekend coverage, and assist the hospitalist service on a daily basis in caring for our cancer patients who are being primarily assigned to the hospitalist service.

Patients admitted to the hospitalist service and MED E who require chemotherapy will be admitted to the Cancer Hospital. Other patients, such as those getting hepatic embolization, G-Tube placement or care for cancer or chemotherapy related complications on MED H may be housed on 6 West, which is where the MED H team is primarily based, or on other floors as a function of bed availability. The MED E teams are also covering patients housed outside the Cancer Hospital when it is full. Efforts are underway to find a primary location within the hospital to admit cancer patients who cannot be accommodated in the Cancer Hospital. There is a shared list on WebCIS named "Oncology Consult." The pager number and name of the covering fellow is available via and WebXchange.

The fellow covering this service is charged with a number of tasks, including triaging patients who need admission among the MED E and Med H services in collaboration with the attending physicians covering MED H. Our patients and all of the members of Hematology and Oncology care team appreciate the willingness of so many people who care for and care about our cancer patients to accommodate this extra volume.

Questions should be addressed to Dr. Collichio or Dr. Goldberg.

Frances Collichio, MD
Inpatient Oncology Service Leader
Phone: (919) 966-4431
Assistant: Terri King at

Richard M. Goldberg, MD
Chief of the Division of Hematology and Oncology
Phone: (919) 843-7711
Assistant: Stacey Coleman at