Drug Enforcement Administration notice

Effective, April 1, 2011, all Licensed Independent Providers (LIPs) who are appointed to the Medical Staff of UNC Hospitals must have their own individual Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) numbers. Registration is online, quick, and free for qualifying LIPs appointed to the Medical Staff at UNC Hospitals.

Most providers, but not all, currently have individual DEA numbers. We expect this change to affect about 200 providers in the health care system. We have shared a list of each person affected with the appropriate departmental Associate Chair for Administration (ACA). 

Please review this memo and FAQs and contact your departmental credentialing coordinator if you have questions. Please note, the memo and FAQs are on the UNC Health Care Intranet site.

Department Coordinator Location Phone/Fax Numbers Email
Anesthesiology Lauren Junco CB#7010, Rm. 179 Med School Wing D 966-7175/966-7006 ljunco@aims.unc.edu
Dentistry Tammy Mahaffey CB#7450, 467 Brauer Hall 966-9849/843-1170 tammy_mahaffey@dentistry.unc.edu
Dermatology Melinda Clapp CB#7287, 3100 Thurston-Bowles Bldg 843-1400/966-3049 melinda_clapp@med.unc.edu
Emergency Medicine Gail Holzmacher CB# 7594, Neurosciences Hospital
Family Medicine Lynn Gilbert CB#7595, Wm. B. Aycock Bldg 966-2236/966-6125 lyn_gilbert@med.unc.edu
Medicine Lauren Paschal CB#7005, 121 MacNider Bldg 843-6350/966-5775 lbp@med.unc.edu
Mitchell Pope CB#7005, 121 MacNider Bldg 843-6350/966-5775 mitchell_pope@med.unc.edu
Neurology Tena Davis CB#7025, Bioinformatics Bldg 966-8166/ 966-2922 davist@neurology.unc.edu
Neurosurgery Pending CB#7206, Burnett-Womack Bldg 966-1374/843-3850
Obstetrics & Gynecology Laura Baron CB#7570, 3009 Old Clinic 966-8935/843-5330 gazebo@med.unc.edu
Ophthalmology Bonnie Leonard CB#7040, Bioinformatics Bldg 843-0073/966-1908 bonnie_leonard@med.unc.edu
Oral Surgery Jeneen Williamson CB#7450, 149 Brauer Hall 843-6591/966-6019 jeneen_williamson@dentistry.unc.edu
Orthopaedics Wanda Lucas CB#7055 Bioinformatics Bldg 966-9076/966-6730 wanda_lucas@med.unc.edu
Otolaryngology Cheryl Goodrich CB#7070, G114 Physicians Office Bdg 843-7061/966-7941 cheryl_goodrich@med.unc.edu
Pathology Nancy Nye
966-4676/966-2464 nnye@med.unc.edu
Pediatrics Kathy Maddux CB#7220, 221 Medical Wing E. 966-6595/966-7299 kathryn_maddux@med.unc.edu
Physical Medicine/Rehab Steven Tomaro CB#7200 Main Hospital 966-0966/843-0164 stomaro@med.unc.edu
Psychiatry Karlina Matthews CB#7160, 372D Med School Wing D 966-4738/966-7659 Karlina_Matthews@med.unc.edu
Radiation Oncology Gina Williams
966-0400/966-7681 gina_werner@med.unc.edu
Radiology Laurie Birdsong (Fellows) CB#7510, 2036 Old Clinic Bldg 966-2992/843-8740 lbaze@med.unc.edu

Vickie Holland (Faculty) CB#7510, 2023C Old Clinic Bldg 843-8741/843-3957/(Pager-216-3119) vickie_holland@med.unc.edu
Surgery Lynn Tapp CB#7206, Bioinformatics Bldg 966-4320/843-3850 lpt@med.unc.edu

Mary Lee Baker CB#7206, Bioinformatics Bldg 966-4320/843-3850 marylee_baker@med.unc.edu


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