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Featured this month:

Gene typo is a double whammy that creates sickening sticky mucus.
A study by Rich Boucher clarifies the link between the underlying genetic defect and the resulting thick sticky mucus that clogs up the lungs of patients with cystic fibrosis.

The cancer embargo.
Carolina KickStart company Enci Therapeutics aims to come up with new cancer drugs that cut off tumors’ blood supply.

Can brains be pre-wired for addiction?
In the regular Research Roundup, $2K TraCS pilot award recipients Vicki Chanon and Charlotte Boettiger are scanning brain images of smokers and nonsmokers to uncover how genetics can “prewire” the brain to want a cigarette.

Bladders, skin and hearts, oh my!
Making entire organs from scratch may sound like the workings of science fiction, but the efforts of many institutions in North Carolina at a recent symposium on the topic demonstrate that regenerative medicine is more than just a pipe dream.


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