New method of service introduced at Starbucks

Starting this Friday, Oct. 29, UNC Health Care will be introducing a new Starbucks method of service. This initiative has been developed by Starbucks using “Lean” methodology to ensure even greater accuracy and freshness so that every cup of coffee served will meet the highest Starbucks standards.

Those of us who frequent Starbucks will notice on Friday that drinks will no longer be made assembly-line style by two or more baristas, but instead each barista will carefully craft each beverage at their own station. We hope this method will eventually increase speed, accuracy, and freshness. Please be patient in the first few days of the program as our staff becomes fully fluent with the new work flow and please keep in mind that this is a step we are taking to make better beverages.  Our plan is to increase our staffing during this training period to ensure that your wait times are effected as little as possible.
If you have any questions about the new Reliable Routine or about Starbucks in general, please contact our management team at

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