Free Netter's Internal Medicine and Netter's Cardiology Online Trial

For most of us Frank H. Netter, MD needs no introduction. His poignant medical illustrations for years have graced the pages of countless medical textbooks giving readers accurate and detailed depictions of the human anatomy. Dr. Netter's surgical training coupled with his artistic talents resulted in a collection of medical illustrations that remain beautiful, timeless and insightful.

The UNC School of Medicine has been given a special opportunity to pair with Elsevier Publishing, who now owns the rights to Dr. Netter's collection, to give faculty members, health professionals, residents, and students a two-month online trial to access chapters and download images from Netter's Internal Medicine, 2nd Ed. and Netter's Cardiology, 2nd Ed. Beginning Sept. 1, you may read chapters from the textbooks, download images for educational purposes, and print brochures for patient education at:

At the conclusion of the trial period, you will be prompted to complete a short survey. The trial period ends Nov.1, 2010.

The purpose of the trial and survey is to gather data on the interest in electronic teaching media, ease of use, and ways to improve it. Thus your participation in the trial and completion of the survey can influence the future availability of electronic teaching media here on campus as well as its development in the field of publishing. This is a wonderful opportunity, so please take full advantage of it. 

Terms of the trial:

  • The use of Netter Images is permitted only during the trial period.  At the conclusion of the trial images must be removed from presentations, online courses, and/or computer hard drive(s).
  • To access the Netters collection, you must be on campus using a UNC wired or wireless internet connection. Access will not be granted from any other wireless networks.
  • Images may be included in works such as documents, presentations and teaching materials, but not in books, journal articles, or Web sites, or for any commercial application.
  • During the trial period Elsevier grants the right and license to use and display the images (a) in a presentation such as PowerPoint® or in a document; (b) in printed form alone or as part of a printed version of a presentation; or (c) as part of a presentation or document that is posted on a password-protected intranet.
  • During the trial period you may print up to 100 copies of a single work (document or presentation) containing content from the licensed material.

You can access the electronic materials at the following link: It is also available on the Department of Medicine webpage:


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