The Biggest Losers at UNC Hospitals

It’s one thing for care providers to suggest that a patient lose weight. It’s quite another for the provider to set the example and standard for the patient. But that’s exactly what our team in UNC Hospitals’ Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit (NSICU) set out to do this summer.

The Biggest Losers at UNC Hospitals click to enlarge Congrats to our team in the NSICU for its "Biggest Loser" success!

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“We’re telling them how to do it rather than just telling them they need to do it,” said Sonya Lester, RN, in this story that aired on WRAL.

Congrats to both Derrick Brown and Lester for losing more than 20 lbs. and 11% of their total body weight. But even bigger congrats go out to the entire NSICU for setting a wonderful example for the patients, family members, visitors and colleagues they care for each day at our hospitals.

This wasn’t the only weight loss contest this summer at UNC Hospitals. Our hospital-wide “Biggest Loser” contest drew more than 175 participants who lost more than 1,150 lbs! During the 6-month contest, our “Biggest Loser” was Felicia Williams of Admitting, who lost 32 lbs. or 15% of her total body weight.

Our next hospital-wide Biggest Loser contest kicks off in early 2011 (just in time to see how serious we are about those New Year’s resolutions). Check back then for some more great stories about our “Biggest Losers’ at UNC Hospitals. Here’s hoping we can all follow their example!


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