UNC School of Medicine Policy on Funding and Gifts from Tobacco-related Companies

After careful consideration, the School of Medicine has made the decision to no longer accept funding or gifts from the tobacco industry or other tobacco-related entities in support of its research mission.

This new policy reflects the School’s strong commitment to support not only a tobacco-free campus, but its ongoing mission to improve the health and well-being of the people of North Carolina and others whom we serve. With the proven health risk associated with tobacco use and second-hand smoke, it is our responsibility to to make every possible effort to support a tobacco-free society while we work towards fulfilling our mission through patient care, education, and research.

This policy requires that the School’s faculty and staff also refrain from engaging in any speaking or consulting arrangements with tobacco companies or related entities. 

The School of Medicine Sponsored Programs Office may be contacted for a list of tobacco companies and related entities.

The policy is available on the School of Medicine's Policies website.


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