IHI Webinar Series: Managing Advanced Disease and Palliative Care

To teach providers how to improve communication skills concerning decisions to start or withdraw specific life-sustaining treatments, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is offering this Webinar series: "Managing Advanced Disease and Palliative Care."

Dealing with decisions accompanying advanced illness can be extremely difficult for patients and families acting on their behalf. Patients and families often request or prolong life-sustaining treatments that serve little medical benefit because they are unaware of the likely outcomes, risks, and alternatives of these treatments. Providers also struggle with these conversations, while simultaneously watching costs and lengths of stay rise. In most cases, open and effective communication among providers, patients, and families can reduce the stress, confusion, and frustration that coincide with the decision about the use of these treatments.

This web-based program is designed to help health professionals empower patients and families to make more informed choices about the use of specific life-sustaining treatments when coping with a serious illness. Health care professionals frustrated with the overuse of medical technology will be challenged to develop a systems-change approach to achieve better, patient-centered care.

The sessions are held every two weeks from April 14 - July 21. Each session will begin at 1 p.m. in the NPDPR 3rd floor classroom, Old Infirmary, and last one hour. Please click here to see a detailed schedule.

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