Freedom Pay "Platinum Service"

In an effort to reduce the convenience fees charged for funding your FreedomPay tag, FreedomPay has introduced a new program called "Platinum Service." This new service applies to everyone that uses a credit or debit card to fund a white FreedomPay tag.

All white tag holders will be receiving an e-mail from FreedomPay explaining the new service, summarized below:

  • Funding using a debit or credit card used to incur a fee of $.50 to $.80 per funding transaction. These fees have been replaced with a flat $2.00 monthly fee.
  • Funding with a direct withdrawal from a bank account used to incur a $.30 fee per transaction.  This fee has been eliminated resulting in a no-cost method of funding your account.
  • Funding by mailing a check was already free and remains so.
  • Funding with cash at the kiosk located in the Terrace café has no associated fees.

FreedomPay posted these changes on its Web site in January. Once we were made aware of the changes, we felt that it was important to communicate them to you. 

We have asked FreedomPay to waive the $2 fee associated with anyone using a credit or debit card for the month of January if your usage fees for that month were less than $2. Anyone who wishes to have these fees refunded should call Member Services at (888) 495-0222.

Going forward, those individuals who use a credit card or debit card have the option of switching to bank account funding, which will have no fees.

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