2010 Women's Leadership Council Faculty Mentoring Awards

Nominations for Faculty Mentoring Awards, sponsored by the Carolina Women’s Leadership Council, are due Feb. 19. Each winner to receive $5,000.

The Faculty Mentoring Awards sponsored by the Carolina Women’s Leadership Council recognize outstanding men and women faculty members who go the extra mile to guide, mentor and lead students and/or junior faculty as they make important career decisions, embark on innovative research and teaching initiatives, prepare for leadership positions, and enrich their lives through public service, teaching and meaningful educational opportunities. These awards will honor faculty-to-student mentoring and faculty-to-faculty mentoring, with one award given in each category. Each recipient will receive $5,000.

All tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible for this award, as are fixed-term faculty who have been at Carolina for at least three years. Visiting faculty are not eligible. Nominations may be submitted by anyone from the Carolina family, including current and former faculty, staff, and students.

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