Conference: 21st Annual Challenges in Geriatrics Practice

The conference will be held on Feb. 18-19 at the William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education and is offering continuing education to physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and nursing home administrators.

The geriatric topics covered during the conference will be: health care policy; kidney disease in older adults; geriatric orthopaedics; osteoarthritis; North Carolina advances in social policy and social welfare; advances in palliative care; sleep disorders; influenza; dental and oral care in older adults; and dehydration.

The keynote speaker is John B. Murphy, MD, and his topic is "Health Care Policy in an Aging America".  Dr. Murphy is Chairman of the Board of the American Geriatrics Society, and he is a Professor of Medicine and Family Medicine at Brown Medical School in Providence, Rhode Island.

If you need a registration form, contact James Hayes at 843-7232 or Registration forms are also accessible at

To see a brochure, click here.

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