Leadership Appointments in the UNC School of Medicine

Announcement by Bill Roper, MD, MPH, Dean and CEO

Today I am pleased to announce several key leadership appointments and title changes in the UNC School of Medicine.

Taken together, these changes are designed to equip the School of Medicine for the next phase of our work together, and to enable us to be successful in our quest to become the nation’s leading public school of medicine and leading public academic medical center.

I am making these appointments after posting the positions to solicit applications and nominations and after wide consultation across the medical school and the University. I have also consulted with the Chancellor and Provost on these important roles. These appointments are effective July 1, 2010.

  • Marschall Runge, MD, PhD, will be Executive Dean.  In this role Marschall will be my principal deputy for the School of Medicine, and he will focus on the academic affairs of the school. I am asking Marschall to lead the effort to craft a new strategic plan for the medical school, with particular attention to our research and education missions.

    In this role Marschall also will be the director of the NC TraCS Institute and PI for UNC’s CTSA grant, thus providing the necessary leadership for UNC’s clinical and translational research program. In this area he will work closely with Terry Magnuson, our new Vice Dean for Research.

    Marschall will remain chair of the Department of Medicine but will no longer be President of UNC Physicians and Associates (P&A).
  • Terry Magnuson, PhD, will be Vice Dean for Research.  In this role Terry will be the principal research leader of the School of Medicine.  Working with Marschall, Terry will take the lead on the new strategic plan for the research mission of the school. He will oversee graduate education in the basic medical sciences, working closely with Warren Newton, our Vice Dean for Education.
  • Allen Daugird, MD, MBA, will be President of UNC P&A.  In this role Al will be the principal leader of the School of Medicine’s faculty practice plan. He will work closely with and report to the UNC P&A Board of Directors, which I chair.

    We will consult with the clinical chairs and others toward the creation of an Executive Committee of the P&A Board, composed of several clinical chairs, and chaired by one of them. This new group will be charged with being Al’s primary advisory group for P&A activities.
  • Paul Godley, MD, PhD, will be Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs.  In this role Paul will be the principal leader in the dean’s office focused on developing our faculty and working with them to assure their success. I have asked him to lead the development of programs and activities directed at all ranks of our faculty, including tenured, tenure-track, research and clinical faculty, and to help us attain much greater success in diversifying our faculty.
  • Amelia Drake, MD, will be Executive Associate Dean for Academic Programs.  In this new role Amelia will directly assist Marschall, Kevin FitzGerald and me with key tasks in leading School of Medicine academic initiatives.
  • Tony Lindsey, MD, will be Executive Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs.  Dr. Lindsey will transition to this role in early August. As Executive Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, Dr. Lindsey will report to Marschall and represent the Dean and Executive Dean as necessary on matters relating to the clinical activities of the faculty of the School of Medicine.

    Dr. Lindsey also will serve as UNC Hospitals’ next Chief of Staff reporting to Gary Park. In that role he will chair the Medical Staff Executive Committee and represent the medical staff at the Health Care System Board and in the strategic planning process. He will oversee medical staff appointments, reappointments, awarding of clinical privileges, and peer review.

In addition to these new appointments, I am also announcing these title changes:

  • Warren Newton, MD, MPH, will be Vice Dean for Education.  In this role Warren will be the principal education leader for the School of Medicine. He will focus primarily on medical student education, but will also be charged with integrating all of our medical school education activities, including allied health education, continuing medical education, and graduate education in the basic medical sciences.

    In the graduate basic science education area he will work closely with Terry Magnuson, our new Vice Dean for Research. Warren will continue to lead our efforts toward the successful re-accreditation of the medical school.

    In the graduate medical education area he will work closely with Brian Goldstein (Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of UNC Hospitals) and Phil Boysen (Executive Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education) to contribute to the strategic direction of GME programs at UNC Hospitals and across the state.
  • Kevin FitzGerald, MPA, will be Vice Dean for Finance and Administration.  In this role Kevin will be the principal leader of the School of Medicine focusing on management and operations in all aspects of our missions: clinical care, research, education and service to the state of North Carolina. He will continue to be our liaison with the NC General Assembly.

Working with these and other leaders, I will spend more of my own time and attention on the academic work of the School of Medicine. We are closely linked with the UNC Health Care System, and our joint success is essential to each part of this enterprise and the University.

Recognizing the need to have broad understanding of all the elements of our collective missions, and close coordination of our work together, I am also announcing that we are redefining the Leadership Team of the UNC School of Medicine / UNC Health Care System to ensure that its membership includes perspectives across the entire School of Medicine and health care system. In addition to me, the new leadership team will be:


  • David Anderson, President, Medical Foundation
  • Tom Bacon, Director, AHEC
  • Margaret Dardess, Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Alliances
  • Al Daugird, President, UNC P&A
  • Amelia Drake, Executive Associate Dean for Academic Programs
  • Shelley Earp, Director, UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Chris Ellington, Executive Vice President and CFO, UNC Hospitals
  • Kevin FitzGerald, Vice Dean for Finance and Administration
  • Ben Gilbert, Sr. Vice President, Legal Services
  • Paul Godley, Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • Brian Goldstein, Executive Vice President and COO, UNC Hospitals
  • John Lewis, Chief Financial Officer, UNC Health Care System
  • Tony Lindsey, Executive Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and UNC Hospitals’ Chief of Staff
  • Terry Magnuson, Vice Dean for Research
  • Warren Newton, Vice Dean for Education
  • Gary Park, President, UNC Hospitals
  • David Parker, Associate Vice Chancellor and Deputy General Counsel
  • Marschall Runge, Executive Dean, School of Medicine
  • David Strong, President, Rex Healthcare
  • The Chair of the new P&A Executive Committee, who will be appointed soon

Please join me in congratulating all of our appointees. I want to express my thanks to these leaders for taking on these important tasks. I also want to thank those who were willing to be considered for these roles.

I want to thank everyone in the UNC School of Medicine for your continued dedication to our school and the University.