Fellows receive Presidential Poster Awards

Leslie Scheunemann, MD, Michael LaMantia, MD, MPH, who are both fellows in the Division of Geriatric Medicine/Center for Aging and Health received Presidential Poster Awards at the American Geriatrics Society 2010 Annual Scientific Meeting on May 14, for their outstanding academic presentations.

The title and authors of their presentations are listed below:

"Palliative Care Quality Measurement in Acute Geriatric Care"
The authors were L.P. Scheunemann, MD; A. Caprio, MD; N. Siebens; K. Wessell; C. Rowe, MS, RN, NP; L.C. Hanson, MD, MPH.

"Normal Triage Vitals Signs in Elderly Patients with Severe Illness and Injury"
The authors were M.A. LaMantia; T.F. Platts-Mills; K. J. Biese; C. Forbach; J.S. Kizer.


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