NC TraCS Responsible Conduct of Research: five-day course

This one-week course, organized and run by David Weber, MD, MPH, Director of the NC TraCS Institute Regulatory Core, covers all the NIH-required topics for the first phase of responsible conduct of research training. It will take place July 12-16.

The course emphasizes the bounds of acceptable conduct including ethical use of animals in research, ethical treatment of human subjects, conflicts of interest, etc. Through the use of a number of case studies drawn from Scientific Integrity (Francis Macrina, ed. ASM Press, Washington DC, 1995) and Teaching the Responsible Conduct of Research through a Case Study Approach (Association of American Medical Colleges, 1994), the students themselves are very much involved in the teaching process.

The course will be held in 2204 Medical Biomedical Research Building (MBRB). Please click here for more details and to register.

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