Introducing Medicine's Communication & Collaboration Initiative

OIS is excited to announce a new initiative that will enhance online communication and collaboration throughout the School of Medicine. This initiative will provide a consolidated email and collaboration system that will ultimately increase operational efficiency, facilitate business continuity throughout the school, increase cost efficiency, and enhance the school’s ability to better accommodate users’ ever-changing communication/collaboration needs.


Enhanced Collaboration & Communication are here...

Introducing Medicine’s Communication & Collaboration Initiative, otherwise known as the MC2 Initiative.


 The MC2 Initiative includes three major components:

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Email Consolidation and Migration (via Microsoft Exchange)
This component entails migrating all School of Medicine faculty, staff and students to UNC’s Microsoft Exchange environment enabling a seamless, integrated email and calendar experience. We’ve already begun this component and will be working diligently to move everyone over by March 2011. To accomplish this goal, we’ll need your help! In the coming months, we’ll be contacting your organization about the migration. We’ll need you to identify a point of contact that can help us coordinate your group (this can be a non-technical staff member). If you happen to have technical staff, we’d love to involve them as well (although using your own technical staff is certainly not a requirement). [learn more about the Email Consolidation and Migration component]

Enhanced Collaboration (via Microsoft SharePoint)
For years, users have been asking for a better way to collaborate with their peers across the university. Introducing Microsoft SharePoint... the ultimate online collaboration tool. Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaboration tool that includes document management, team calendars, wikis, intranet, and many other integrated features that enable efficient and effective collaboration amongst your team. [learn more about the Enhanced Collaboration component]

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UserID Consolidation and Management (consolidating the SOMid, Onyen, and Domain Account into one)
Tired of having to keep up with so many userIDs and passwords? Well we are too! The last part of this initiative will be to consolidate the school’s primary user IDs (SOMid, Domain, and Onyen) so that users will only have to manage one username/password. [learn more about the UserID Consolidation and Management component]

You can see why we are so excited about the MC2 Initiative! For more information about the initiative, take a look at the MC2 web site: If you have any questions about the initiative, please direct them to the MC2 team at

We look forward to working with you on this initiative!

Dennis A. Schmidt, MS, CISSP
Director, Office of Information Systems
HIPAA Security Officer, School of Medicine


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