Six UNC Resident Physicians honored with 2010 Robert C. Cefalo House Officer Awards

Six UNC resident physicians were recently honored with 2010 Robert C. Cefalo House Officer Awards. The physicians were recognized for showing dedication to their patients and demonstrating clinical expertise in their respective fields.

Six UNC Resident Physicians honored with 2010 Robert C. Cefalo House Officer Awards click to enlarge L-R: Drs. Basura, Bianchi, McEntee, Reed, Riesenman, and Dillon.

Congratulations again to all the recipients of the 2010 Robert C. Cefalo House Office Awards:

Dr. Gregory Basura
Chief Resident
Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery

Dr. Basura demonstrates true academic skill and a high level of compassion towards patients. During his residency, he has exemplified great empathy and responsibility to his patients, developing long lasting relationships. Dr. Basura’s dedication to being a leader in the field of clinical and translational research has proven his professionalism and respect both toward patients and academia. His commitment to caring and understanding of patient relationships has allowed Dr. Basura to be a strong team player in his department, always putting those in need before himself.

Dr. Greg Bianchi
Department of Pathology

Dr. Greg Bianchi takes a proactive approach toward exemplary patient communication. He maintains a mature, polite, and professional demeanor to ensure effective communication with the patient and family about the necessary procedure. His wonderful bedside manner alleviates any patient anxiety, while he often painstakingly researches each patient in question to ensure a satisfactory result. Having instilled a high level of patient dedication, Dr. Bianchi is always readily available, often checking on concerned patients during his off-days. Through his strong work ethic and efforts to ensure effective communication, Dr. Bianchi has earned respect and appreciation among nursing staff and colleagues.

Dr. Madeline Dillon
Division of Allergy and Immunology
Department of Medicine
Dr. Dillon’s personable and level-headed manner makes her a favorite among colleagues and patients.  Through her compassionate care and time spent listening to patients, Dr. Dillon keeps in close contact with all her patients to ensure effective treatment plans.  She carries herself with the utmost dignity and grace, never failing to be polite and lend a hand. Her approachability and continually willingness to help assist nurses and colleagues allows her to troubleshoot clinic operations to streamline their functioning to improve patient care.

Dr. Jennifer McEntee
Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics
Dr. McEntee upholds the highest level of compassion, respect, care, and professionalism toward her patients. Nurses, patients, and their families’ have repeatedly expressed their thanks for Dr. McEntee’s empathy and attention, particularly her advocacy for efficient patient care after hours and on weekends.  Her approachable and responsive attitude toward patient needs has shaped her into an extremely competent and trustworthy physician. Dr. McEntee is a natural leader, having served as the President of the National Medicine-Pediatrics Association and the elected Secretary of UNC’s Housestaff Council. Her infectious smile is matched by her constant displays of sensitivity and maturity.

Dr. Robin Reed
Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Reed’s gentle, friendly, and engaging personality excels through her passion of caring for those who have trouble caring for themselves. Through her intellect and tremendous social skills, Dr. Reed has a steady, authentic, and open demeanor with patients. She exemplifies the highest standards of patient care and collaboration with colleagues in order to strengthen patient relations, matched by continuous self-learning. Dr. Reed brings altruism and social consciousness to all her endeavors, making a significant contribution to her interested areas of psychiatry. While speaking her mind diplomatically, Dr. Reed is warm and approachable, always a true patient advocate.

Dr. Trey Riesenman
Chief Resident
Department of Surgery

Dr. Riesenman makes it his mission to engage patients, demonstrating a high level of compassion. He desires to improve the lives of his patients in any way possible. Dr. Riesenman stands apart from his colleagues in his consistent excellence in interpersonal interactions and professionalism. Evident in his compassionate yet scholarly approach to patient care, Dr. Riesenman possesses an excellent blend of intelligence and humanism. Through his positive attitude and unmatched work ethic, he demonstrates thoughtfulness and respect toward patients, staff, and colleagues.

More about the Robert C. Cefalo House Office Awards
This ceremony marks the third year that the award has been named in honor of Dr. Robert Cefalo, who passed away in 2008 after a lengthy battle with cancer.  Dr. Cefalo served with distinction for 25 years as director of the residency and fellowship programs at UNC Hospitals. He served as a model for the American Council on Graduate Medical Education in defining the position of Designated Institutional Official. Under Dr. Cefalo’s leadership, UNC earned national recognition for the development of “best practices” in residency and fellowship programs.

Dr. Cefalo served as President and Chairman of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  He was President of the North Carolina Obstetrical and Gynecological Society and was honored by the North Carolina Governor’s Commission on Reduction of Infant Mortality for contributions to the improvement of maternal and infant health.  Most of all he was a mentor and dear friend to many of us.  This award was renamed the Robert C. Cefalo House Officer Award in 2008 as a permanent memorial to the legacy he has left behind.

The Selection Process
Recipients were chosen by a selection committee composed of physicians, nurses and other clinical and administrative staff from throughout the health care system. To be nominated, each of these recipients must have demonstrated a sincere empathy for patients and their families, an effectiveness in listening to and communicating with our patients; proven advocacy for and demonstration of the highest standards of patient care and maintained exemplary professional and interpersonal interactions with colleagues, staff, patients, and visitors.

The Award
The monetary awards may be used by recipients over a three-year period to cover expenses associated with their professional development and/or attendance of scientific conferences or meetings that will enhance the recipient’s knowledge and abilities in the health care setting.

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