Research Services for Utilization Tests (ReSULTS) are now available

NC TraCS Institute is now providing ReSULTS consultations that can save you time and make your grant more competitive.

The consultations provide the expertise needed for the clinical laboratory testing component of research studies in all Health Affairs disciplines.

Our consultation and management services include:

  • Selecting the most appropriate assay(s) and biologic specimens consistent with project goals
  • Identifying potential subcontractors for test performance
  • Designing a robust quality assurance program for the total testing process
  • Preparing estimates of costs related to specimen collection, handling, shipping, and testing.
  • Negotiating a competitive rate for laboratory testing
  • Preparing the laboratory analysis portion of the grant application to include testing rationale, methodology, and quality assurance
  • Managing of all aspects of quality assurance, specimen handling, and data reporting
  • Collaborating with the research team on test results interpretation

Consultations are available through the NC TraCS Institute. For more information, visit or contact NC TraCS Central at (919) 966-6022 or

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