How MU r u? Check out the new Meaningful Use dashboard to find out.

Now you can know your MU status anytime, through the click of a link. The MU EP Dashboard is a web-based dynamic data display that is updated weekly and can be accessed from anywhere within the UNC firewall, or via a secure connection (VPN or Citrix).

A few things to know when viewing your data:

  • The data is validated by random sample prior to being posted on the dashboard, but there can be quirks or individual circumstances that may impact the data being captured and reported.  Please let us know if you discover any discrepancies or have questions or comments about the data. Contact information for the Practice Quality and Innovation (PQI) staff is available here.
  • All UNC Eligible Professionals (EPs) should be listed in the dashboard, but the reports pull from various systems and the provider tables can be inconsistent and/or may not be kept current. Please let us know if you have revisions to the providers listed in your area.
  • Residents are not eligible for Meaningful Use and are not included in the dashboard at this time. This is being considered for a future release of the dashboard. For now, supplemental reports are being developed to capture resident MU activity.
  • MU EP eligibility is based on charges for the prior calendar year. The eligibility status currently shown on the dashboard was based on CY2010 data (to be updated following the close of CY 2011). If your status has changed this year and you’d like to know whether you’re likely to qualify based on 2011, an algorithm to determine eligibility is available here.
  • The MU Dashboard Reference Guide explains the data calculations for each of the measures. The Reference Guide can also be accessed from the dashboard, and through our website (below).
  • The dashboard displays a rolling 90 days of data. The reporting period for MU EP Year 1 is 90 consecutive days within 2012; Year 2 will be the full 12 months of 2013.
  • The Stage 1 MU EP program requires the EP to meet a total of 26 measures: 15 Core, 5 of 10 Menu, 3 of 6 Core Clinical Quality Measures (or CQMs), and an additional 3 of 27 Non-Core CQMs. A complete listing of all Stage 1 EP required and optional components is available here.
  • The optional components displayed on the dashboard reflect the 5 Menu and 18 Non-Core CQMs chosen for UNC attestations, and are listed in the order of UNC’s phased implementation plan. Data has been posted for Phase One and most of Phase Two. Data for the remaining measures will be posted following release of the certified version of WebCIS that will provide capability to capture the information required for reporting.


We want this tool to be valuable to you. Tell us what we can do to help. We welcome your suggestions, and will be glad to arrange a walk-through of the dashboard features and discussion of the data.

To schedule a demonstration of the dashboard for your area, and/or address your questions or comments about the data, please contact your PQI Project Coach or send an email to Individual contact information for the PQI staff, including a list of our project coaches by department, is available here.

All information referenced above is always available on our website:

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