Change in NIH Continuous Submission Policy for Reviewers

Please read this notice from the NIH.

There will be a change in the NIH Continuous Submission Policy for Reviewers with Recent Substantial Service to recognize outstanding review and advisory service by members of the scientific community, and to minimize disincentives to such service, the National Institutes of Health provide an alternate plan for submission and review of research grant applications from appointed members of NIH review and advisory groups, and temporary members of NIH review groups with substantial, recent review service.

The alternative submission and review process is limited to NIH R01, R21, and R34 applications (including those that are AIDS-related) that would normally be received on standard submission dates ( Continuous submission is NOT available for applications submitted for special dates (RFAs, some PARs) or other activity codes.

This Notice announces the lengthening of the window of time during which peer reviewers who have served six times in 18 months (recent substantial service) can submit their applications under the NIH continuous submission policy: August 16th following the 18-month service window to September 30th of the next year:

Please contact Carolyn Marlow in the SOM Sponsored Programs Office with any questions.