ideaCRUNCH: Request for Ideas on Digital Health

ideaCRUNCH, a student network managed by Carolina KickStart, part of the NC TraCS Institute, is looking for the next great Digital Health idea. We are searching for those faculty and staff members or students who may have ideas but little time to implement them.

Who? Faculty, staff, graduate and medical students who have an idea or nascent project in the digital health space

What? Projects and ideas in the digital health space, encompassing a range of services and products with the potential to shape the future of medicine (Ex. telemedicine, health informatics, gamification, web-based health services, mobile health applications, and more)

How? Student teams comprised of computer science, MBA, and biomedical students will work together to evaluate feasibility of your idea, develop a business model and work towards alpha phase development

Why? Connect those who have promising digital health ideas with student teams that possess the skills, time, and passion to develop ideas that impact healthcare

When? Program will run through the Fall semester To submit your idea for consideration, take 5 minutes to complete the online application here (

The deadline for submission is Friday, Aug. 19 at 5 p.m.

Questions? Email Andrew Kant at