Equipment requests for Core Facilities from the UCRF

The UNC Core Facilities Advocacy Committee (CFAC) is again soliciting proposals on behalf of the UCRF for equipment to be purchased with funds from the UCRF for fiscal year 2012.

This year we will accept proposals for two types of proposals:

1) Equipment for a core facility, this should be proposed by the core director, but can be advocated by a group of users.

2) Equipment for a well-defined group of faculty, this would be considered shared equipment and requires a cost-share contribution in addition to funds from the UCRF.

The specifics for each proposal are discussed in the full RFA, please access with the ‘full memo’ link provided below. Note that equipment should either add important new technology, upgrade heavily used technology in a core facility, or be a large instrument that services a group of faculty. The CFAC is responsible for reviewing all of the submitted proposals.

Please be aware that funds for equipment purchases can also be obtained from extramural sources. For large equipment requests [$100-600K], please consider submitting an NIH Shared Instrument Grant (SIG), which is due in March. A SIG does not require matching funds. For instruments costing $60-$250K, please consider an NCBC Institutional Development Grant (IDG), which is due the end of August and requires some matching funds.

Please read the full memo carefully, as the process has changed for FY12.  Also, please use this template if you are submitting a request.

After reading the memo, please contact Dede Corvinus or Mike Topal if you have any questions.