UNC Campus to Restrict Remote Desktop Access

The UNC Campus is experiencing an explosive growth in attacks to Remote Desktop services on computers within the University Network. As a result, the ITS Information Security Office (ISO) is planning on blocking all incoming Remote Desktop sessions from outside computers. All access to Remote Desktop will be required to connect from on campus or through the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service vpn.unc.edu.

What to Know

The UNC campus has seen a surge in attacks to the Remote Desktop service (20000+ per day).  Many staff members use this service on and off campus to access their Windows desktop to complete their work.  The ITS ISO has tried many different strategies to reduce the risk but those have not proven effective.  The ISO plans to block all off-campus access to Remote Desktop beginning March 30, 2012.  To prepare the School of Medicine, OIS is contacting our staff members to help them prepare for this change.

Remote Desktop sessions originating on campus will continue to work with no effort required.

If you wish to access your computer using Remote Desktop from off-campus you will need to connect to the VPN system before starting the Remote Desktop session.  There are two  versions of VPN access.  The preferred method is to use the standard VPN client.  The alternate method is to use the “AnyConnect” web client.   To get started using the VPN system please pick one of the following:

Standard Client Installation for Windows

AnyConnect  Web Client Installation


OIS strongly recommends that you set up your VPN connection now so that any issues that you might encounter can be worked out before the implementation date.

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