Provider Registration for “Meaningful Use” Incentives

Approximately 750 UNC clinicians (primarily physician faculty) qualify for the Meaningful Use (MU) Eligible Professional (EP) incentive program.

In order to be eligible for incentives and avoid penalties, each EP must be registered with CMS.

It was determined by senior leadership, the P&A Board, and Meaningful Use Governance committee that registration and attestation for the MU EP Program will be managed centrally by P&A Practice Quality & Innovation (PQI) for all EPs in the UNC practice plan. CMS allows a third party to act on behalf of an EP, but each EP must authorize the staff of PQI to act on his/her behalf.

  • What does an EP need to do? Two members of the PQI staff have requested permission to act on behalf of each EP. The next step is for each EP to authorize these requests and grant permission for the PQI staff to act on their behalf. This process requires each EP to contact the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) to obtain their NPPES user ID and password, and then log on to the NPPES website and authorize the pending requests from PQI staff. Detailed instructions for completing this process are available here.
  • Why should an EP be interested? EPs that do not authorize PQI to act on their behalf will not be registered for the MU EP program. This will prevent them from receiving potential incentives, and will put them at risk for future penalties from CMS.

ACAs and department administrators have been sent a list of all EPs within their department who are likely to qualify for the MU incentive program, based on CY2010 charges. The complete list is available here.

If you have any questions about whether you qualify, or about the process of assigning third-party rights, please contact your department administrator or send an email

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