UNC faculty, trainees presented in record numbers at CROI 2011

The 18th Annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) wrapped up in Boston, Massachusetts, earlier this month, and UNC had a strong presence at this year’s conference.

“With 35 abstracts, this is most we’ve ever presented at CROI,” said Charles van der Horst, MD,  professor of medicine in the UNC School of Medicine and developmental core director for the UNC Center for Aids Research. He added, “I am especially pleased that so many of our trainees had abstracts accepted.”

CROI aims to improve HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment by facilitating the exchange of ideas and results of over 4,000 investigating researchers and clinicians from around the world. For more information about the conference, click here.

UNC Abstracts at CROI 2011*


1.       Jeffrey Anderson*, L-H Ping, L Kincer, L Arney, C Jabara, J Eron, J Kuruc, M Cohen, R Swanstrom, and Ctr for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology. “Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis by Sampling Trees in Linked Donor-recipient HIV-1 Transmission Pairs Reveals Different Rates of Transmission in Different Regions of the Epidemic” (Paper # 489).

2.       Ziyaad Valley-Omar*, J Anderson, L Arney, S Sibeko, V Naranbhai, R Swanstrom, Q Abdool Karim, S Abdool Karim, and C Williamson. “Multiple Variant HIV Transmission: CAPRISA 004 TNV Microbicide Trial” (Paper # 491).

3.       Cassandra Jabara*, C Jones, J Anderson, and R Swanstrom. “Accurate Sampling and Deep Sequencing HIV-1 Protease Using Primer ID” (Paper # 665).

4.       Derek Johnson*, C Chasela, M Maliwichi, A Mwafongo, A Akinkuotu, A Moses, D Jamieson, A Kourtis, C van der Horst, and M Hosseinipour. “Renal Insufficiency Risk among HIV+, ART-naïve Individuals in Lilongwe, Malawi: Implications for TDF Use in ART and PMTCT Programs” (Paper # 838).

5.       William Miller*, G Kamanga, S Phiri, D Nsona, N Rosenberg, S Rutstein, D Kumwendo, I Hoffman, M Cohen, and A Pettifor. “Poor Performance of Determine HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab Combo Assay for the Detection of Acute HIV Infection in Lilongwe, Malawi” (Paper # 654).

6.       Kevin Brown*, K Patterson, S Jennings, N Shaheen, H Prince, M Spacek, M Cohen, and A Kashuba. “ARV for HIV Prevention: DRV + Low-dose RTV and ETR Exposure in the Rectal Tissue and Seminal Plasma of Healthy Male Volunteers after Single and Multiple Dosing” (Paper # 992).

7.       Gretchen Stuart*, A Moses, A Corbett, G Phiri, W Kumwenda, N Mkandwire, J Chintedze, M Hosseinipour, F Stanczyk, and A Kashuba. “Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Activity of the Combined Oral Contraceptives in HIV+ Women in Lilongwe, Malawi” (Paper # 637).

8.       Kristine Patterson*, J Dumond, H Prince, E Kraft, J Eron, and A Kashuba. “Pharmacokinetics of TDF in Blood Plasma and Cervicovaginal Fluid of HIV+ Post-menopausal Compared with Pre-menopausal Women” (Paper # 32).

9.       Rajesh Gandhi*, R Coombs, E Chan, R Bosch, L Zheng, D Margolis, S Read, R D’Aquila, J Mellors, J Eron, and ACTG A5244 Team RAL. “Intensification of Patients on Long-term Suppressive ART Does Not Increase 2-LTR HIV DNA Circles in PBMC: Results from ACTG A5244” (Paper # 51).

10.   Joseph Eron*, J Rockstroh, J Reynes, J Andrade-Villanueva, J Madruga, J Zhao, P Sklar, B-Y Nguyen, and QDMRK Study Team. “QDMRK, a Phase III Study of the Safety and Efficacy of Once Daily vs Twice Daily RAL in Combination Therapy for Treatment-naïve HIV-infected Patients “ (Paper #150LB).

11.   Joseph Eron*, P Kumar, A Lazzarin, G Richmond, V Soriano, J Huang, C Vavro, M Ait-Khaled, S Min, and J Yeo. “DTG in Subjects with HIV Exhibiting RAL Resistance: Functional Monotherapy Results of VIKING Study Cohort II” (Paper # 151LB).

12.   Keri Althoff*, P Rebeiro, J Gill, M Horberg, J Eron, S Napravnik, K Anastos, R Bosch, R Moore, S Gange, and North American AIDS Cohort Collaboration on Res and Design. “Trends in HIV Viral Load among Adults in Clinical Care in the US and Canada, 1997-2007” (Paper # 548).

13.   Babafemi Taiwo*, S Zheng, S Gallien, R Matining, D Kuritzkes, C Wilson, B Berzins, E Acosta, P Kim, J Eron, and ACTG A5262 Team. “Results from a Single Arm Study of DRV/r + RAL in Treatment-naïve HIV-1-infected Patients (ACTG A5262)” (Paper # 551).

14.   Julie Nelson*, T Hawkins, M Schanz, M Miller, J Schmitz, and S Fiscus. “Comparison of Abbott HIV-1 Total Nucleic Acid Qualitative Assay to Roche HIV-1 DNA Assay Using Dried Blood Spots” (Paper # 658).

15.   Mina Hosseinipour. “Monitoring for Safety and Outcomes” (Paper # 109).

16.   Mina Hosseinipour*, K Tamburro, D Namarika, M Nyirenda, L Chiwoko, D Kamwendo, R Krysiak, I Hoffman, S Phiri, and D Dittmer. “Evaluation of Kaposi’s Sarcoma Patients in Lilongwe, Malawi: Clinical Characteristics, KSHV Virology, and Gene Expression: AMC-S001” (Paper # 875).

17.   Christopher Hurt*, J Todd, S Napravnik1, R Moore, and J Eron. ”Tolerability and Hepatic Safety of RAL among Patients with HIV and Viral Hepatitis Co-infection” (Paper # 928).

18.   Paul Palumbo*, A Violari, J Lindsey, M Hughes, P Jean-Philippe, L Mofenson, M Bwakura-Dangarembizi, P Kamthunzi7, S Eshleman, L Purdue, and IMPAACT P1060. “Team NVP- vs LPV/r-based ART among HIV+ Infants in Resource-limited Settings: The IMPAACT P1060 Trial” (Paper # 129LB).

19.   Peter Anton*, R Cranston, A Carballo-Dieguez, A Kashuba, E Khanukhova, J Elliott, L Janocko, W Cumberland, C Mauck, and I McGowan. “RMP-02/MTN-006: A Phase 1 Placebo-controlled Trial of Rectally Applied 1% Vaginal TFV Gel with Comparison to Oral TDF” (Paper # 34LB).

20.   Kristine Patterson*, J Dumond, H Prince, A Jenkins, K Scarsi, R Wang, S Malone, M Hughes, and A Kashuba. “Pharmacokinetics of the LPV/r Tablet in HIV-infected Pregnant Women: A Longitudinal Investigation of Protein Bound and Unbound Drug Exposure with Empiric Dosage Adjustment” (Paper # 64).

21.   Shaffer  D*, Y Bao, A Moses, F Sawe, Y Zheng, M Hughes, S Lockman, J Currier, and ACTG OCTANE Study Team. “LPV/r+TDF/FTC Is Associated with Less Favorable Changes in Lipids Compared to NVP+TDF/FTC in Women Initiating ART in Sub-Saharan Africa: A5208” (Paper # 818).

22.   Audrey Pettifor. “Adolescents and HIV: Understanding the Complexity of Adolescence and Intervening to Foster a Safe Transition to Adulthood” (Paper # 66).

23.   Birgit Grund*, E Wright, K Robertson, B Brew, M Roediger, M Bain, M Vjecha, J Hoy, J Shlay, R Price, and INSIGHT SMART Study Group. “Increased Neurocognitive Test Scores after 6 Months in the SMART Neurology Substudy Suggest Learning Effect” (Paper # 402).

24.   Dharushana Muthulingam*, E Lee, J Peterson, K Robertson, C Yiannoutsos, R Price, and S Spudich. “ Comparison of Effects of ART Initiation during Primary vs Chronic HIV-1 Infection on Biomarkers of CNS Disease” (Paper # 412).

25.   Marie Grill*, J Peterson, E Lee, K Robertson, F Hecht, R Price, and S Spudich. “Fatigue and CSF Inflammation during Primary HIV Infection” (Paper # 413).

26.   Ned Sacktor*, S Miyahara, L Deng, S Evans, G Schifitto, B Cohen, R Paul, K Robertson, R Coombs, D Clifford, and Adult ACTG. “Minocycline Treatment for HAND: Results from a Multicenter Trial” (Paper # 421).

27.   Kevin Robertson*, J Jiang, J Kumwenda, K Supparatpinyo, S Evans, T Campbell, R Price, S Tripathy, N Kumarasamy, A LaRosa, and ACTG 5199A. “Comparison of Neuropsychological and Neurological Effects of 3 Antiretroviral Regimens in Diverse RLS: ACTG Study A5199, the International Neurological Study” (Paper # 428).

28.   Moses Bility*, M Washburn, and L Su. “HCV/HIV Co-infection in a Novel Humanized Mouse Model” (Paper # 942).

29.   G Schnell, S Joseph, S Spudich, R Price, and Ronald Swanstrom*. “HIV-1 Infection of the Brain” (Paper # 58).

30.   Tihana Bicanic, J Jarvis, A Loyse, A Jackson, C Muzoora, D Wilson, C van der Horst, R Wood, G Meintjes, and T Harrison. “Determinants of Acute Outcome and Long-term Survival in HIV-associated Cryptococcal Meningitis: Results from a Combined Cohort of 523 Patients” (Paper # 892).

31.   Annelies Van Rie*, C Menezes, L Scott, K Mellet, N Gous, M-A John, M Mkhwanazi, L Page-Shipp, W Stevens, and I Sanne. “High Yield, Sensitivity, and Specificity of Xpert MTB/RIF for M. tuberculosis Detection in Fine Needle Aspirates from HIV-Infected TB Suspects” (Paper # 879).

32.   L Page-Shipp, Y voss de Lima, J de Vos, I Sanne, and Annelies Van Rie. “Successes and Missed Opportunities in HIV/TB Collaborative Activities at Primary Health Care Clinics in Johannesburg, South Africa” (Paper # 891).

33.   Amy Justice*, S Modur, J Tate, K Althoff, S Gange, L Jacobson, K Gebo, M Kitahata, M Horberg, S Napravnik, for the NA-ACCORD and VACS Project Teams. “A Prognostic Index for Those Aging with HIV: Extension of the VACS Index to Those on cART” (Paper # 793).

34.   Jose Arribas*, J Andrade-Villanueva, N Bellos, P Cahn, C Katlama, J Lalezari, K Ruxrungtham, D Wohl, S Vanveggel, and K Boven. “Lipid Profiles of TMC278 and EFV in Treatment-naïve HIV-1+ Patients: Pooled Week-48 Data from the Randomized Double-blind Phase III ECHO and THRIVE Trials” (Paper # 819).

35.   David Wohl*, M Doroana, C Orkin, JH Pilotto, S Sungkanuparph, P Yeni, S Vanveggel, H Deckx, and K Boven. "Change in Vitamin D Levels Smaller and Risk of Development of SEvere Vitamin D Deficiency Lower among HIV-1-infected, Treatment-naive Adults REceiving TMC278 Compared with EFV: 48-Week Results from the Phase III ECHO Trial"  (Paper 79LB).

*Bold denotes UNC-affiliated faculty/staff member or trainee.

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