First Consult cancelled: Alternatives available

In order to maintain the majority of our online resources, and after careful consideration, the UNC Health Sciences Library (HSL) has decided to cancel First Consult.

While First Consult has been used more heavily than other resources the HSL has cancelled as part of the library's ongoing resources review process, much of its content is available via other resources that the HSL makes available to users. Furthermore, the library will maintain access to First Consult's parent resource, MD Consult.

Among other alternative options, the HSL recommends that users utilize UpToDate or ACP Pier as a general point-of-care resource, and Lexi-Comp for drug information.

The HSL, like every department and program at UNC Chapel Hill, is facing a future that will be shaped by a challenging economic environment that requires hard choices. However, all decisions to cancel any existing resources are taken after careful and extensive analysis by HSL librarians, and every step in the cancellation process is taken with best interest of HSL users in mind. In this particular instance, for example, the ability to redirect a very significant amount of our acquisitions budget to other subscriptions, along with the ability to find information via other existing resources, helped shape the decision to cancel the library's subscription to First Consult.

If users have questions about the cancelation of First Consult, the alternative resources that will help with the loss of access to First Consult, and/or any other questions, please contact Ask a Librarian.

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