OIS Enterprise Storage System Maintenance May 27

OIS will be working with a vendor to upgrade our enterprise storage system known as either locust or polkton this Friday, May 27 beginning at 7 p.m. The work is estimated to complete within 2 hours. During the outage several services will be unavailable for use.

Services Affected:
1.  File and Print Services hosted on the Enterprise Storage System.  These include the departments of AHS, AHEC, Dermatology, Microbiology and Immunology, OB/GYN, OED, OME, Pathology, OIS, Planning, and Radiology.
2.  ExtronGVE control system used by OIS.
3.  Meeting Room Manager and Color Calendar Database backend.
4.  Viking Calendar System.

Technical Details:
Friday, May 27, OIS will be working with Netapp to remove an old disk shelf and install a new one increasing our file system capacity on the enterprise storage system named polkton (aka locust).  We cannot remove the shelf while the system is active therefore will shutdown the unit.  This unit supports both file services (CIFS and NFS) and hosts our VMware data store.  The shutdown will require OIS to power down affected virtual machines (e.g. extrongve.med.unc.edu, somprint1.med.unc.edu).

Once the unit is operational OIS will restart the affected virtual machines to make sure they are functioning correctly. OIS will post an update when the work is completed.

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