Changes in Continuing Medical Education

Please read this letter from Dr. Marschall Runge, Executive Dean, to learn more about the changes in the CME Office.

Dear Colleagues:

As a result of state budget reductions, the School of Medicine has decided to close the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Office on campus. We are reorganizing the way CME credit is offered for SOM faculty members. We will also reassign management of large CME events to outside vendors. This was mentioned in Dr. Roper’s budget letter last week, but I would like to elaborate on its implications for the future of CME at UNC.

First, CME activities that have been planned and will take place from now to December 31, 2011, are not affected by this change.

Second, Grand Rounds, Mortality and Morbidity Conferences, and other on-campus educational programs that offer CME credit will continue to be offered, provided the sponsoring department is willing to pay for the cost of CME credit on a fee-for-service basis.

Third, School of Medicine departments will now use outside vendors for meeting planning services. This is common practice at academic medical centers. Individual departments will continue to offer off-campus programs to provide educational opportunities for our faculty and physicians of our state, because educating practicing physicians is an important part of our mission.

As Dr. Roper stated in an prior message, the budget reductions forced us to make extremely difficult decisions, and this is one of them. We believe we have found a way to continue to provide this service. More detailed information about logistics and pricing will be provided to all Associate Chairs for Administration soon.  On behalf of our department chairs and school leadership, I will again emphasize that continuing medical education is tremendously important.


Marschall Runge, MD, PhD
Executive Dean