New Members elected for SOM Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure Committees

Drs. Linda Van Le, Craig Buchman, Giselle Corbie-Smith, Steven Young, Muge Calikoglu, and Marcia Hobbs have been elected to their respective committees. Please read this letter from Paul Godley, MD, PhD, MPP, Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs to learn more about the process.


This year we implemented  a new approach to recruiting committee members to fill vacancies on our SOM Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure Committees: calling for volunteers. We also instituted an online ballot rather than the traditional paper or email ballot. We are pleased to report that the new approach was extremely successful. We had more volunteers than slots available to run on the ballot, and we saw a sharp increase in faculty participation in the election. We would like to thank each and every one of our volunteers for their willingness to run for the open slots on the APT committees.

The results have been tabulated, and the following faculty members have been elected to serve:


Full Professor Committee: Linda Van Le, OB-Gyn

Associate Professor Committee: Craig Buchman, Otolaryngology; Giselle Corbie-Smith, Social Medicine/Medicine; Steven Young, OB-Gyn

Fixed Term Professor Committee: Muge Calikoglu, Pediatrics; Marcia Hobbs, Medicine/Microbiology

Thanks to all of these individuals for their willingness to commit their time and energy to this important process for both the School of Medicine and the University. Thanks to all of you all for voting in this year’s election.

Respectfully yours,

Paul A. Godley, MD, PhD, MPP
Professor of Medicine
Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs