Upcoming change in e-mail distribution methods

The "somnews" listserv will be replaced with a campus-based e-mail distribution system. Please read this letter from Dr. Runge, Executive Dean of the school.

Dear Colleagues:

We will change the way we distribute news and information from the UNC School of Medicine beginning Sept. 12, 2011. When we transition to this new e-mail distribution method, we will no longer use the “somnews” listserv to send out messages to faculty and staff members of the school. Instead, all UNC faculty and staff member e-mails will be pulled from the campus-based e-mail database that is organized by university department and center codes.

Current members of the “somnews” list who are not affiliated with the School of Medicine will no longer receive messages from the school. If you are one of those individuals, and you would like to receive the school’s weekly e-mail newsletter, Vital Signs, please contact SOM Communications Manager, Katie O’Brien, at katie_obrien@med.unc.edu.

This switch provides more up-to-date contact information than the “somnews” listserv, and is an example of our improved integration with campus-based services, which allows the school and university to be more efficient with our limited resources.

Thank you for your support.


Marschall Runge, MD, PhD
Executive Dean