SOM Dean’s Advisory Committee and Nominating Committee Election

In March 2012, the School of Medicine amended the SOM Bylaws to include one elected faculty representative from the basic science departments and one from the clinical science departments on the Dean’s Advisory Committee (DAC) (see Article III, #1ai).

The members elected to the DAC will also serve on the Nominating Committee (see Article III, #2ai).

The purpose of the Nominating Committee is two-fold: (1) to develop a slate of candidates who will stand for election to the Standing Committees of the School of Medicine and (2) to review and advise the Dean on proposed decanal appointments to the Standing Committees of the School of Medicine.

The Office of Faculty Affairs selected ten candidates in each category to run for the initial Dean’s Advisory/Nominating Committee faculty representatives. Successful candidates will serve a one-year term. In subsequent years the Nominating Committee will select the candidates.

Candidates who, if elected, have agreed to serve on the Dean’s Advisory and Nominating Committees are as follows:


Clinical Candidates

David Mayer, Anesthesiology

Nancy Thomas, Dermatology

Adam Goldstein, Family Medicine

Jim Donohue, Medicine

John Thorpe, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Herb Whinna, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Ali Calikoglu, Pediatrics

Cort Pedersen, Psychiatry

Keith Smith, Radiology

Scott Hultman, Surgery


Basic Science Candidates

Melody Harrison, Allied Health Sciences

Henrik Dohlman, Biochemistry/Biophysics

Steve Soper, Biomedical Engineering

Kathleen Sulik, Cell Biology & Physiology

Bill (C William) Davis, Cell Biology & Physiology

Fernando Pardo Manuel de Villena, Genetics

Mark Heise, Genetics

Roland Tisch, Microbiology

Rob Nicholas, Pharmacology

Jeffrey Sonis, Social Medicine


Please follow the link to complete the online ballot by selecting ONE individual in each category. You will be prompted to enter your ONYEN and password to verify your status as faculty member, but please be assured all ballots are confidential. In order for your votes to be counted, we need to receive your ballot by the close of business on Friday, August 31, 2012.

Thanks to all of the nominees for their willingness to participate in the governance of the School of Medicine.



Read the announcement related to the 2012 changes to the SOM Bylaws here.

Read the SOM Bylaws here.

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