Physician Quality Reporting System Submission Completed Successfully

We have successfully completed submission for the 2011 Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS).

This year we participated in the Group Practice Reporting Option, meaning data for all providers is reported as a single group.  This is the first year UNC Physicians & Associates (P&A) has participated as a group which enabled all School of Medicine Clinical Departments to earn an incentive and centralized the administration of the project, reducing the impact on clinicians and staff.  P&A expects to receive the PQRS incentive in fall 2012.

PQRS will become increasingly important in future years.  Beginning with the 2012 PQRS submission, performance data for group practices will be publicly available.  Starting in 2013, providers and groups who do not participate will be penalized, receiving decreases in Medicare reimbursement each year they do not participate.  Additionally, current Medicare proposals link PQRS to a value based payment modifier which will be implemented beginning in 2015.  The coming realities of public reporting and value based reimbursement highlight the importance of continuous improvement and analytics as we prepare for the impact of healthcare reform.

Given the increased importance of PQRS, UNC P&A will begin focusing on improving performance for key PQRS measures in the next fiscal year.  Proposed FY13 organizational goals include improving performance for breast cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, and pneumonia vaccine administration rates.  P&A Practice Quality & Innovation will be working with stakeholders in the next few weeks to develop a plan for improvement.

If you have questions regarding PQRS please contact Jonathan Thornhill (