A call for UNC participation in the AAMC MERC Program

Drs. David Mayer and Susan Martinelli, from the department of anesthesiology, are the only two UNC physicians to date who have recently completed the Medical Education Research Certificate Program.

The MERC Program, hosted by the Association of American Medical colleges, assists doctors in gaining extra knowledge in medical education research. The skills learned through the program aid educators and other physicians in their participation in medical education research.

According to Mayer, the effectiveness of teaching methods and newer educational tools is not always clear.

“This program was very helpful in being able to understand educational research in medicine – how it is designed, conducted, analyzed and written,” said Mayer. “As a teaching clinician, I felt that I wanted a better skill set in this area and that the MERC program would be a good place to start.”

The program is comprised of six three-hour workshops that must be completed in order to receive a certificate. The workshops are highly discussion-based using small groups and range from data collection methods to hypothesis-driven research.

Because UNC is already active in great and innovative teaching, both Mayer and Martinelli agreed that more UNC physicians and educators should complete the program in order to refine these efforts and have the ability to communicate with educators around the nation.

“The ability to share experiences and evaluate educational programs with other clinician educators from around the country was invaluable,” said Mayer.

Click here for more information about the MERC program and how to register.

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