Meaningful Use Dashboard Has Been Upgraded

A recent upgrade to the Meaningful Use (MU) dashboard enables the Eligible Professional (EP) to track his or her progress using either scheduling or billing data.

This new feature means that, in addition to the data based on patients scheduled with an EP, data can now be viewed based on all patients billed under the EP. Data can be reported either way for MU attestation, but must be consistent throughout the 90-day reporting period.

Billing data may include resident and non-physician provider activity as well as services that aren’t scheduled directly with an EP. Scheduling data restricts the patient population to only those patients scheduled to see the EP. Use the tabs on the left side of the dashboard to switch between scheduling and billing data views.

The dashboard is updated each weekend to display data from the 90-day period ending that Friday. The “last updated” date appears in the top right corner. One can also view a whole Department or Division to see how they’re doing as a group. Please note that the dashboard is only accessible from within the UNCH firewall.

Got questions? Click the “Reference Guide” in the top right corner of the dashboard for definitions on how the data is calculated, email, or contact your Project Coach (listed by department in the Practice Quality and Innovation Team Contact List).