Don't lose your internet access on February 27!

OIS, together with ITS, will be activating Network Access Control (NAC) in the buildings listed below on Monday, February 27. If prompted, please follow the steps to download and install the NAC agent onto your computer to get access to the network. Only devices that are “wired” to connect to the network will be affected. Wireless devices will not be affected.

If you have questions or concerns please go to or 962-HELP to chat to a technician. For more information please go to

NAC will be implemented in the following buildings on Monday, February 27:

  • Hospital/LIS
  • Neonatal
  • Old Clinic
  • Old Infirmary
  • Med B
  • Health Affairs Bookstore
  • TEACCH Building
  • Wing B
  • Wing C
  • Wing D
  • Wing E
  • Wing F
  • Manning DataCenter
  • Burnett Womack

Please read more about this initiative here.

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