Faculty: CSD/CSI Tutor Recruitment

Clinically active faculty physicians in the SOM are needed to teach medical students in the Clinical Skills Development (CSD) and Clinical Skills Integration (CSI) courses (formally known as ICM 1 & 2).

We Want You!

We are currently recruiting for CSD/CSI Tutors.

Requirements: You must be a Clinically Active, Faculty physician within the UNC School of Medicine and :

1.     See adult or adolescent patients

2.     Be comfortable in generating differential diagnoses for a wide variety of common complaints

3.     Ready to teach the principles of evidence based medicine and clinical reasoning skills

4.     Be able to perform and teach all aspects of the general physical exam of the adult patient

5.     Be comfortable in obtaining a complicated history from a patient, including sensitive history involving issues of IPV, sexual history, giving bad news, discussing advanced directives, working with the “difficult” patient

6.     Proficient in the basic reading of common diagnostic testing (chest and abdominal xrays, EKGs, labs), utilizing the results to guide the clinical reasoning in developing differentials

7.     Be a model of professionalism

8.     Have an active interest in teaching medical students

9.     Believe in the importance of the physical exam and clinical skills

10.   Look forward to serving as a teacher and mentor by leading a small group of students


You will be expected to:

1.     Prepare for and lead weekly sessions with students throughout calendar year

2.     Commit to two years of work with the group.

3.     Read/give feedback for all writeups

4.     Review community week work and writeups

5.     Serve as a professional role model

6.     Write letters of support when needed

7.     Give end of year summative evaluations and feedback

8.     Give active formative feedback of clinical skills on a routine basis

9.     Participate in Mid-Year and End of Year OSCE assessments of students

10.  Attend faculty development sessions (including faculty retreat prior to the academic year)

11.  Attend at least 80% of tutor meetings

12.  Bring a spirit of cooperation, constructive attitude and flexibility to the group and course

13.  Enthusiastically and actively participate in the future transformation of the course, focusing on the primary goal of moving meaningful clinical experiences earlier into the curriculum


**Please submit a brief CV, description of why you want to be a teacher (aka tutor) for the CSD/CSI courses, and any evaluations of your teaching to Julie Golding (julie_golding@med.unc.edu) by Friday, March 2**

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