UNC meets requirements for 2012 Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) Electronic Prescribing Program!

For the past few years, UNC P&A has focused on increasing the use of electronic prescribing (e-prescribing). Clinicians are adopting or switching to e-prescription as the preferred method of prescribing in record numbers. As a result, UNC P&A will avoid penalties and earn an incentive.

By demonstrating that Physician and Associates (P&A) providers issued at least 2500 e-prescriptions as a group by June 30 2012, the practice plan will:

  1. Earn an incentive for 2012 – about $300,000
  2. Avoid penalties  for 2013 – about $750,000

This year Practice Quality & Innovation (PQI) partnered with Family Medicine and General Internal Medicine to ensure compliance with this e-Prescribing program. This way we were able to limit the administrative burden of submitting the required codes to these two clinics versus spreading it across all clinics. We thank both clinics for participating and working diligently so that the entire practice plan can benefit from the incentive. A portion of the incentive will be used to reimburse all Departments for previously incurred penalties*.

Quick Facts about MIPPA e-Prescribing:

  • P&A chose to participate in this program as a group practice, meaning all P&A providers participate in the program together instead of as individuals.
  • The group practice must submit 2,500 specific CPT billing codes (G8553) to demonstrate that an e-Prescription was issued.
  • All codes must be billed by June 30 of each year to qualify for incentives that year and avoid penalties applied in the following year. The program expires after next year. We’ll aim to comply with program requirements again in 2013.
  • *In previous years we could not meet MIPPA requirements and were penalized.  Each department is currently realizing penalties received in 2011.

We value your feedback and welcome any questions. Please contact Nimisha Patel at 919-966-7699 anytime.

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