MacNider Electrical Outage Postponed

The electrical outage in MacNider Hall scheduled for this coming weekend, June 15 - 18, has been postponed for technical reasons.

Notification will be given when the outage is scheduled again.

The maintenance shop is replacing the aging transformers in MacNider, and we have already had a short scheduled electrical outage to start the project. A longer outage will be coming up soon. When this outage occurs, the normal power for MacNider Hall will be off from 7 p.m. on a Friday until 6 a.m. on the following Monday.

The emergency power will be on during the outage. However, none of the cold rooms have emergency power. Anything in cold rooms that must be kept cold should be transferred to refrigerators in labs. Make sure that all the essential freezers, refrigerators and cold boxes are plugged into emergency outlets. If you need more emergency outlets, please contact Jaya Ghosh (919-201-4248, as soon as possible.

Also, office desktop remote connections will not be operational during the outage period. Finally, during the outage, the building will have very little airflow in the HVAC system.

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