Tobacco Trivia Quiz

Answers to the Tobacco Trivia Quiz given to employees at Health Fair on November 6 are in! Read more to check your answers.

Correct answers are in red below.

1. The best-selling brand of cigarettes is:

a. Marlboro b. Camel     c. Newport      d. Virginia Slims

2.  Which of the following kills more people each year?

a. Illegal Drugs   b. AIDS   c. Drunk Driving    d. Tobacco

Tobacco kills more people than drugs, AIDS, drunk driving, murders and suicides COMBINED.

3.  In the US - how many people die from tobacco related illness EVERY DAY

a.   Less than 100   b.  850   c.  500    d. 1,200

4.  True or False:  Nicotine Patches may cause heart attacks.

5.  True or False:  Most exposure to second hand smoke occurs in public places. Most exposure occurs in homes and vehicles.  There is NO safe level of second hand smoke.  If you must smoke - please smoke outside and don't smoke in your vehicle either.