2012 Robert C. Cefalo House Officer Awards

This award is given to residents who have demonstrated a sincere empathy for patients and their families, an effectiveness in listening to and communicating with our patients; proven advocacy for and demonstration of the highest standards of patient care and maintained exemplary professional and interpersonal interactions with colleagues, staff, patients, and visitors.


Dr. Stephanie Davis
Internal Medicine resident in the Department of Medicine
Dr. Davis’ unfailingly optimistic and positive attitude exemplifies her dedication and genuine concern for her patients. She is a well-seasoned clinician and has earned respect from colleagues, nurses and staff. In addition to maintaining a high level of professionalism, Dr. Davis is an excellent communicator with her patients and their families. She always goes above and beyond to help and encourage those around her.


Dr. Jeffrey Dehmer
Chief Resident in the Department of Surgery
Throughout his time at UNC, Dr. Dehmer has had a positive and profound impact on patients, faculty and residents. His compassionate, reliable, professional and trustworthy manner has earned him respect and appreciation from numerous colleagues. Dr. Dehmer’s outstanding technical and clinical skills have led him to become a valuable asset the residency program. In addition to Dr. Dehmer’s leadership rolls, he has been academically productive and has authored several manuscripts during his residency.


Dr. Jennifer Hong
Resident in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Hong maintains a consistent compassionate approach to patients and families that this award’s namesake was so respected for. Due to her dedication to patient satisfaction, Dr. Hong’s instrumental role in creating residential teams has generated continual patient care as well as improved resident education. Dr. Hong’s demonstration of excellence in patient care, exemplary professional and interpersonal interactions with patients, peers and faculty, have` been recognized on numerous occasions.


Dr. Krystle Perez
Resident in the Department of Pediatrics
Dr. Perez has a tireless work ethic and commitment to her field. She is a positive, kind, and compassionate clinician who maintains an exemplary professional manner. She has excelled in her Quality Improvement Projects by adding significant steps of care for her patients. Dr. Perez has been recognized nationally by presenting her work in platform presentations at major pediatric meetings. Dr. Perez’s continuous professional and interpersonal interactions have earned respect from colleagues, staff, patients and families.


Dr. Christopher Terry
Chief Resident of the Department of Anesthesiology
Dr. Terry possesses attributes of an educator, learner, team player, leader and patient advocate. He consistently upholds a level of professionalism while still marinating empathy for his patients. His wonderful bedside manner alleviates any patient anxiety. Dr. Terry is an excellent communicator and his interpersonal interaction with colleagues, patients and visitors, has shaped him into an extremely competent and trustworthy physician. He is easily approachable and ready to help regardless of the situation.

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