IT Security Tip: Ransomware Reaching SOM Email

Ransomware can get into your machine by visiting a compromised web site, opening an infected email attachment, or from an infected memory key.

In a ransomware case this week, a laptop became locked up and displayed an official looking note from the FBI claiming that officials had detected the machine viewing pornography or downloading copyright material.

The “FBI” would unlock the machine after the owner paid a $200 fine. The ransomware even took a picture with the laptop webcam of the technician working on the machine and posted it on the fake web site.  More information on this particular ransomware can be found at this site:

If your machine displays behavior similar to this, do the following:

  • Don’t panic!
  • Don’t pay the ransomware “fine!”
  • Contact OIS Security at,  the OIS help desk in 65 MacNider, or call 919-962-HELP to submit a trouble ticket.