SOM Celebrates 60 Years of Care!

Hundreds of School of Medicine faculty, staff, students, and friends came to the SOM Celebration on Monday, Oct. 22.

Find your friends in our photo slideshow above!

Ways to continue celebrating the 60th:

  • Learn more about the history of the four-year School of Medicine and the opening of Memorial Hospital in 1952, by visiting our 60th anniversary page here:
  • Continue to learn about Dr. William deBerneire MacNider, one of the founders of the School of Medicine, by watching this 22-minute video produced by faculty member Dr. Mike Jones, here:
  • Take a minute to walk down to the lobby of Memorial Hospital to see the plaques commemorating the establishment of the N.C. Memorial Hospital.
  • Check out Dr. William McLendon's book about Dr. Berryhill and the establishment of the four-year SOM - "Bettering the Health of the People" -