$50K Innovation Pilot Awards Available

UNC Health Care and the UNC School of Medicine are pleased to invite their employees to apply for pilot funding for health care innovation efforts. These pilot funds are offered by NC TraCS and the newly formed Center for Innovation of the UNC Health Care System and School of Medicine. Funding is provided by the Center for Innovation.

The Center for Innovation is a small resource center that promotes the development of patient-centered innovations designed to address the current challenges facing our nation’s health care delivery system related to cost efficiency, quality of care, innovative health care delivery, and alignment of incentives among industry participants.

The North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute (NC TraCS) works to transform the local, regional, and national environment to increase the efficiency and speed of clinical and translational research across the country. To achieve this, NC TraCS offers a number of programs and services to assist researchers through all phases of the process of translating basic science discoveries into meaningful health advances. The Institute is supported through the National Institutes of Health (NIH), grant ULTR000083.

The innovation pilot awards are designed to support health care delivery system innovations and translational research efforts within the UNC Health Care System.  All employees are eligible to apply.  Awards for up to $50,000 are available for proposals of disruptive innovations across a broad spectrum of interest areas including:

  • Innovative care delivery models and pathways (e.g., population health management, coordination of care, engagement of community resources)
  • New technology deployments and new applications for existing technologies (e.g., apps, devices, software, decision support/analytic models)
  • Continuum of care expansions
  • Clinical process redesign, quality improvement and cost reduction/efficiency
  • Business model innovations (e.g., financial incentives, new reimbursement models, changes to cost structure)

Health care delivery innovation, quality/cost improvement projects and translational research projects are all encouraged.  Translational research proposals will be reviewed and recommended for award by the NC TraCS Study Section.  Proposals not classified as translational research will be reviewed and recommended for award by the Innovation Council of the Center for Innovation.

For a copy of the Request for Proposals, including additional information on eligibility and requirements, please click here or copy and paste this link into your browser: http://tracs.unc.edu/begin-research/nc-tracs-pilot-grant-program.html.  For questions or assistance please contact either Carol Lewis at carol_lewis@med.unc.edu or Arturo Inda at ainda@unch.unc.edu.   All proposals are due on March 1, 2013.