Genetic Medicine Building Fume Hood, Exhausted Biosafety Cabinet, General Ventilation Outage

The last part of the construction project to eliminate vivarium odors in the Genetic Medicine Building will take place Friday, Jan. 18, from 10 p.m. until early Saturday morning, Jan 19.

This work will require that all of the building HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system, chemical fume hoods and exhausted biosafety cabinets be out of service during this time.

The animal facilities will be closed to all but DLAM staff during the same time period.  Please plan for this shutdown and limit your occupancy of the building for these few hours.

This shutdown is being coordinated with UNC EH&S staff who will post reminder notices on each affected fume hood and also conduct walk-throughs to educate fume hood users.

During the fume hood shutdown:

  • Fume hoods may not be used for any activity.
  • No reactions may be left running during the times and dates listed.
  • All hazardous material containers must be securely covered or removed from the fume hood.
  • The fume hood sash must be fully closed.
  • Do not enter or work in the fume hood room during the shutdown period.

Thank you for your help on this project.  As always, if you have questions please one or both of us know.


Gene Bober
Assistant Dean for Planning and Facilities,
UNC School of Medicine

Wayne Pittman
Associate Dean for Facilities Planning
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy