UNC Family Medicine Releases 2012 Annual Report

Ranked number two in the country, UNC Family Medicine has earned a national leadership role in primary care research, education and patient care innovation. The 2012 Annual Report provides the details behind the department's tremendous success.

It is our duty and pleasure to report back to you on our efforts to transform the health care system, support and advance primary care, conduct relevant research and educate the primary care work force of tomorrow. Much of what we have accomplished, including our #2 national ranking, is due to the combined endeavors of friends, patients, alumni and faculty of the department.  For this we are tremendously grateful.

The 2012 Annual Report highlights just some of the department's work.  It also provides information on why change is needed and how UNC Family Medicine, with the help of others, is making change happen.  Links are provided throughout the report to provide you with in-depth information on most topics.  Please click here for a copy of the 2012 Annual Report.  Hover over the topics of interest to find the links.  You can also find a complete list of the links here.

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