Important Title IX contact information

Please read this message from Christi Hurt, UNC's Interim Title IX Coordinator, regarding the Title IX team, campus resources and reporting options for community members.

Greetings Carolina Community,

Welcome back to campus and to the start of the fall semester. As we begin classes this week, we wanted to reinforce our message about our Title IX Team and available campus resources and reporting options for community members. We are committed to gender equity on campus; the elimination of harassment based on gender, gender identity, and gender expression; and the prevention of all forms of sexual misconduct.

I continue to serve as the Interim Title IX Coordinator for the campus, and in that role I have centralized oversight of the implementation of Title IX education, prevention, resources, support, and responses to sexual misconduct across the campus. Ew Quimbaya-Winship is our Deputy Title IX Coordinator/Student Complaint Officer and provides critical connections to support and reporting options for students. If you have a question or concern, he is the first person you should call.  He will make sure you receive the information you need. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  Our contact information is attached below for your reference.

To help create a safe community, we encourage everyone in our campus community to bring forward all allegations of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct. We will provide reporting parties with clarity about reporting options as well as a range of support options. In an emergency, remember that you can reach the Department of Public Safety from any location on campus simply by calling 911. The University will always respect the privacy of a student who comes forward and address each student's concerns in a manner that is sensitive to individual needs and preferences and considers community safety.

Throughout the year, we will send email updates to the campus community to keep you informed about our policies, resources and prevention programs.

A list of campus and community resources can be found online at:  Additional information is also available at the Campus Conversation website,

Wishing you a smooth start to a great year,


Christi Hurt
Interim Title IX Coordinator
(919) 966-6754

Ew Quimbaya-Winship
Deputy Title IX Coordinator/Student Complaint Officer